Art comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be confusing when it comes to selecting frames to fit your art. To keep it simple, generally there are two standard sizing systems that apply to art prints. The “A” series international standard for paper and traditional photo sizes. Both of these use different aspect ratios. The good news is that frames for both these systems are readily available in Australia and other countries.

Standard photo sizes:

35mm photograhy (and most digital SLR cameras) use a 3:2 aspect ratio which translates to a standard photo size of 4x6in. An 8×10 inch photo/print has an aspect ratio of 5:4 which traditionally comes from the size of the negative from a large format camera. Standard photo sizes are imperial and are widely used in the USA for art print sizes. Some popular photo print sizes are:

2:3 ratio – 8×12, 16×24 inches
4:5 ratio – 4×5, 8×10, 16×20, 24×30 inches
7:5 ratio – 5x7inches

International Standard

The International Standard A series is the most frequently used paper size for most of the world. It has an aspect ratio of 1:1.14 and half a page is equal to the size of the next page size eg. A4 is half of A3 and A3 is half of A2.

In Australia, UK and Europe most giclee art prints use the “A” series sizes. Most of the top quality papers for giclee prints are made in A series sizes.

A5 148x210mm
A4 210x297mm
A3 297x420mm
A2 420x594mm
A1 594x841mm
A0 841x1189mm

I have created a diagram (above) to show the size differences and how they relate to each other.

Most importantly ‘A’ series frames are readily available in Australia and can be found in department stores (eg Harvey Norman, BigW) or on the shelf in most local frame shops.

I have had many queries about which sizes of IKEA Ribba frames to get. I find the Ribba frames to never quite fit “A” series prints. Why? Because they are not the correct format. If you choose to use IKEA frames you will, in most cases, have to crop your print to fit. I understand that their frames are cheap, however if you shop around you might be surprised as to how cheap you can find frames of a similar quality.

For further information on framing and print care, please refer to our Framing and Print Care Page